Wayne Fleming

Prelicensed Professional Counselor (starting 5/15/23)
Locations: Brentwood and Telehealth
Wayne is finishing out as a graduate student in the Counselor Education program at St. Bonaventure University with a concentration in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. He received his bachelor's from Brigham Young University in Korean Language and has worked in law enforcement as well as coaching prior to entering the mental health field. Wayne currently coaches volleyball locally at the high school and club level, preparing athletes for college level participation. Wayne has interest in studying anxiety, depression, mindfulness, and trauma. In his free time, Wayne can be found in the volleyball gym coaching and traveling to tournaments or with his family at Nashville Predators and Sounds games. Wayne is supervised by Courtney Bottoms Gustafson, LPC-MHSP.

What His Colleagues Say About Him: Dedicated, Kind, Approachable, Optimistic, Jovial, Laid-back