Office Tour

Welcome to our clinic!

Click and drag on the images below to take a 360-degree tour of our treatment rooms and our waiting area. You can also zoom in and out on each photo. Each office was decorated to provide a safe, private, and comfortable experience for our clients. Some offices are geared more toward child and adolescent clients and others have more serene decor for adults. We hope to be able to provide a great experience for you.

Waiting Room

Therapist's Office #2

Therapist's Office #4

Therapist's Office #1

Therapist's Office #3

Student Therapist's Office

Thanks for taking our tour.

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Please contact us at or (615) 412-1155 if you are interested in setting up an appointment. You will receive a free 20 minute phone consultation and then will be matched up with one of our therapists if it is determined that you are a good fit for our clinic. Otherwise we will give you referrals to meet your needs.

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