Jess Simmons

Office Administrator
Jess is a dedicated and empathetic office administrator who joined the NOATC in February 2024. Currently pursuing a degree in psychology, Jess brings a unique blend of administrative expertise and understanding of mental health dynamics to our team.

Driven by a genuine passion for helping others, Jess is committed to creating a welcoming and supportive environment for both staff and clients. Being aware of how challenging it can be to reach out for help, she becomes a compassionate ally, providing support to those in need. Prior to her work at NOATC Jess worked as a residential counselor supporting underserved youth experiencing homelessness in the Nashville area.

In her free time Jess enjoys painting, playing video games, and soaking up sunshine with her retired racing greyhound, Spice.

What Her Colleagues Say About Her: Organized, Resourceful, Kind, Innovative, Funny, Helpful